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The Exclusivity of Money Transactions

Money transactions are stand-alone transactions that are scientifically protected by law in principle.  The money results of each transaction go to a human being or group of human beings who may not then feel responsibility to anything except the transaction itself.  The example set by money is that of individuality or the scientific terms of the conract, to the exclusion of community, or all of the organic ingredients of the project, which are the local resources and importantly the bowels of Mother Earth.  The profits of such a project organically belong to all of the parties to the contract, including these silent partners, but the scientific stand-alone structure of the transaction allows only the individuals who are legally registered parties to the transaction to benefit from it.  Organic nature, the commercially silent partner, can only be recognized by the conscience of the humans who set up the transaction  The conscience is organic but the will is free to ignore the organic responsibility.  Money’s real value or its claim to authenticity in our organic universe comes solely from the human beings who control it.

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