The Philosophic Foundation of Capitalism

Refer to There Are No Enemies,  a Practical Philosophy of Life

Profit-making by itself is not a-moral as money is.  In business, human profit-making is the fruit of one’s labor in some certain proportion to the capital invested in a business but always inextricably connected to a human being  One human being’s proportional profit making has an organic relationship to the workings of the universe.  In other words, the human mind’s ingenuity + the capital invested in a project does warrant a calculable amount of profit which is organic and not anarchic.  Money as some form of reward for human effort that goes far beyond the norm or the fruits of one’s individual labor, is the foundation of capitalism in its most effective sense.  The difficulty lies in respectng the integrity of the components of a business transaction as well as the proportionality of the reward.  Without an understanding and a philosophy of money, excesses have occurred which have shaped the progress of our civilization and mutilated the humanity of it.  More to follow on this.


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