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New Book

There Are No Enemies, A Practical Philosophy of Life.  Second Edition.  Chapters on A Philosophy of Life for Humankind, The Language of Morals,  The Philosophy of Money Management – Bringing Money into Harmony with Organic Nature,  The Philosophy of Egalitarian Democracy,  The American Dream Revisited,  WOMEN AWAKEN,  The 21st Century Challenge,  SOUND BITES,  The Science of Being Altogether,  Philosophy in Action,  The Right of the Womb – Post 911 – Excerpts,   Struggling to be Born,  Through the Lens of Art – Excerpts from ThuGun and Natasha, Anzac to Understanding, The Round Table, Maria and the Comet,  War for the People – The 20th Century – Excerpts from  Anzac to Understanding.  Published by Authorhouse  available everywhere